Are you ready to take control of your life?

I have always been outspoken and charismatic, but now, I am also authentic, powerful and compassionate.  I have spent my life seeking answers, but what I really needed was to follow my SOULS CALLING.  My journey toward becoming a Life Coach lead me through some difficult soul work.  Unveiling my own True Self and deepest desires was the first half.  The work that I continue to do every day is allowing my authentic, unmasked self to shine my light for others to see the way.  Each person has her own work to do.  I am a guide, coach, and champion for the woman who strives toward living her truth by revealing her authentic self to the world and, in doing so, engages her Soul’s Power and is rewarded beyond measure.

I call my program the DIAMOND MINDSET (Redefine~Refocus~Renew) because of what it represents. We are all DIAMONDS in the rough. We are encrusted with limiting beliefs and disempowerment mantras that run our lives. Our true gifts and self is hidden within. Our "BRILLIANCE" shines through when we scrape and "CUT" all the layers of old ways of thinking and being. Our "CLARITY" comes through when we get really CLEAR on our desires and what we want to create. Our internal dialog "COLORS" our world, and you may be living in a dark place. My program is designed to help excavate that DIAMOND within. You will become aware of the negative thinking patterns, self talk, ancestral wounds and more as we uncover what has kept you stuck. We then go on to create the life you would ultimately love to have, by harnessing the power of your imagination. Imagination is a mental faculty given to all of us that is under used or misused in our life creation. I will be your guide in the helping you build what you want. "Polishing"  is the next piece. In order to truly shine your light and be visible to others, you must align yourself to your vision. You must step into the future version of yourself that you want to be. I help you in becoming unapologetic about your dreams and desires.


 I make decisions every single day to move closer and closer into alignment with my Truth.  I now understand the power of my gift is in helping others see their Radiance as I do.  The real Magic of our lives is ignited by our own authenticity, physically and emotionally.  Because I can see the destination, it is possible for me to help guide the journey toward it.  

We have to take our own steps, but we do not have to walk alone.   


So, there are so many ways to write a bio.
I even went on a search on “HOW TO WRITE A BIO”. Lame I know, but don't judge..
I had scrapped 3 of them before I wrote this.
I could tell you all about me.
What I like to do, who I am, where I went to school, the training I received, My religious affiliation, all of my accomplishments and failures, the jobs I had, what happened to me in the past, illness I may suffer from and the fact that I am a mom of 2 kids living with her “hubby” of 17 years even though we are not married. But talk about YAWN. WHO CARES.
See when I ask someone WHO ARE YOU? I want to know them on a deep and personal level. Surfacy things like what I mentioned above BORE ME and mean nothing as they don’t represent a thing about your TRUE BRILLIANCE and TRUE NATURE.
So let me tell you who I am in my own way.. with the “how to write a Bio” rules out the door…
I am a Woman who is CONSTANTLY looking for personal growth.
I am a Woman who wants to save people from themselves, and the burdens of life, by offering a perspective so big, you no longer drown in a cup of water.
I am all about mental expansion and I push the limits in the belief sector DAILY.
What you BELIEVE is even possible for you or your life..
I am the “Goddess of Relaxation” (some call it lazy) but that is horrible programming for your mind. So its relaxation..OK
I understand spiritual concepts well enough that I can easily teach to others how to implement skills and techniques into their lives.
I am OBSESSED with knowing people even better than they know themselves, and then tell them things they weren’t aware of. 
I am the keeper of esoteric knowledge. I use palmistry, astrology, numerology, face reading, hand writing analysis and more to TRULY SEE –WHO YOU ARE at a soul level.
I have to have change all the time. I hate routines. I don’t even really like ‘structure” all that much as it hinders my amazing expansiveness and tries to cage my mental abilities. NO.CAN. DO.
I am a rule breaker. I don’t mean to be, it just naturally happens. ALL THE RULES don’t apply to me. It’s been that way MY. WHOLE. LIFE. I get away with things that other people don’t.
I have the ability to motivate and spark change in others through the spoken word. 
I have a magical ability to put people in a trance like state when they are in my presence and conversing with me.
I always knew I’d be a Life coach/ Spiritual Mentor/ Mindset Coach/Soul guide some day.
That day has come.
I am here living my dream. A life that was once impossible in my mind.